Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plastic Bags

I am a massive blog surfer! Those listed on the side are only a fraction of those I read, mostly daily. I love having a little peep in other peoples lives and hearing their messages of what they feel personally in touch with, what they love and what they do. Its great!

I recently read on one blog that the blogger was going to try and have no plastic bags come into her house (I have tried to find the exact post and failed though I will continue to search so I can give the right person the shout out) for a week. I am not a massive plastic bag takerer so I thought I would give it a go. I started today and had to say no to three plastic and one paper bag. I said no to paper as well as I didn't need it as I was reading my Grass Roots mag before I even left the news agency. One shop wanted to put a little deodorant in a grocery bag sized plastic bag! Crazy!

I have to say Yay to Target Country though as they will only give you a bag if you pay for it! Though quite frankly those bags rip if you look at them so you are better off with out them I think. I really will have to remember my reusable bags, so wish me luck!

I am still searching for that blog! Grrrrr!

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  1. Hi Lisa! You read it on my blog! I did it for a month to improve my habit. No more plastic bags AT ALL for us (I have long been a reusable bag fan but realised I often forgot them). I am glad you are also taking a stand! I am working my way through the excess paper issue now too:

    I haven't visited you before (I have been very slack) but I like the way you think. Happy to meet you x