Sunday, November 25, 2012

New/Old Bikes

We have been pretty lucky this week in being given four bikes for free! They all need to have tyres pumped and checked for punctures and the chains need a good grease but other than that they are all in pretty good condition.

Here are three of them, the other is red so will obviously go faster!
They were languishing in a garage that a workmate of Dave's is cleaning out. They were his kids bikes but were barely ridden and now his are all grown up and they have found a new home!

Don't cha just love free stuff? And in fact I will have a few other free or cheap spoils to show you soon!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catch Up: Sewing

Over the last week or so I have been behind the machine doing all the things that I love. But because I am such a conscientious person (is that choking I hear??) I did all the mending first which had been sitting there for a month. Though I do deserve Brownie points for putting the hem back up on Dave's pants BY HAND!!!

I made Amelia some dresses, this was the sewing that I was really keen to do and happily spent my whole flex day doing it.

This dress does have a white ribbon that comes out of the elastic casing but I hadn't put it in when I took these pics. Both these dresses are Simplicity 1895 which is from the "Shape it Up" collection. It's a Disney show.

I love the ric-rac detail on this one. Amelia picked the material out herself. It looks cool and summery.

I made some more pinafores for Ava and some matching pants. There is another pair of lime green ones too.

And a pair of Winne the Pooh boxers to add to a Christmas present. The material was really tricky - so slippery!! It isn't my best work but probably only noticable to a fellow sewer.

Finally here is one of the two materials I have bought for Evan's nappy covers, I have made them now but look how cute this material is...

Evan is obviously going places!!

That's my sewing up to date. I have ideas for some other projects but maybe for after Christmas.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Catch Up: Backyard

We had a big backyard clean up the weekend before last, the worst bit was hand weeding the pavers, the tips of my fingers hurt even with gloves on but I didn't want to use poison.

Its weeded!
I got some new cushions for the back deck, the were $5 each reduced from $13 so I was pretty happy with that and it makes the deck look a little bit swanky!! Heee!

Looking good
The other thing I am lovin is my apple tree, that actually has apples on it. It is so good!

I have ideas for the front yard but whether they happen or not is a completely different story.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bee Happy

I had a lovely surprise on Friday. I had covered a workmate (and friend's) job on Wednesday and Thursday as she had been committed to work elsewhere. Look what she brought me back as a thank you!

Bush honey from Tenterfield, she said she saw it as she was driving and thought of me. Must mean I am sweet! Ha Ha! How nice is she? I am delighted and a lovely end to a busily weird week! Thank you Kim!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Catch Up: Wedding Road Trip

What a few weeks!

Three weeks ago my parents, my two sisters and me went on a road trip to my niece's wedding at Mt Tambourine. It was like reverting to childhood with Mum, Dad and us three girls in the car!!! Scary!!

We got to the border!! Kate is pretty excited!
We only turned back once, about 10 kms in, to retrieve shoes for the wedding and I am happy to say that we didnt have a fight on the way up....or the way back, hard to believe hey?

It was pretty exciting just to be there! Dad walked  Kel down the aisle and he was looking good in his suit!

Looking good for 78 Dad!
The wedding rehearsal was funny, Kel looked like a bride from Big Gypsy Wedding with her shorts on and practicing in her heels.

We rented a house and the birds were awesome! We all loved them!

Of course for the main event I have zero pictures as some very smart cookie left their camera at the rental house!! But it was the best ceremony I have every been to, unique, personal and touching. I cried the whole way through!!!!