Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catch Up: Sewing

Over the last week or so I have been behind the machine doing all the things that I love. But because I am such a conscientious person (is that choking I hear??) I did all the mending first which had been sitting there for a month. Though I do deserve Brownie points for putting the hem back up on Dave's pants BY HAND!!!

I made Amelia some dresses, this was the sewing that I was really keen to do and happily spent my whole flex day doing it.

This dress does have a white ribbon that comes out of the elastic casing but I hadn't put it in when I took these pics. Both these dresses are Simplicity 1895 which is from the "Shape it Up" collection. It's a Disney show.

I love the ric-rac detail on this one. Amelia picked the material out herself. It looks cool and summery.

I made some more pinafores for Ava and some matching pants. There is another pair of lime green ones too.

And a pair of Winne the Pooh boxers to add to a Christmas present. The material was really tricky - so slippery!! It isn't my best work but probably only noticable to a fellow sewer.

Finally here is one of the two materials I have bought for Evan's nappy covers, I have made them now but look how cute this material is...

Evan is obviously going places!!

That's my sewing up to date. I have ideas for some other projects but maybe for after Christmas.

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