Friday, December 30, 2011

Carrots & Cups

Amelia and I picked 2 kgs of carrots on Wednesday. They are the last for a little while as I am fiddling about with the beds and having a good think about them. Wesley and I blanched and froze the lot on Thursday afternoon so there is a good lot put away. I also pulled another heap of beetroot and pickled them. I think we should have enough now to last us the summer.
I bought these Eco cups about 6 weeks ago and have been using them everyday. They are made out of bamboo and are 100% biodegradable. They have the look of melamine and are not dishwasher safe though you can use them for hot or cold drinks. I paid $20 for the 6. It will be interesting to see how they go with long term use! Part of you kind of expects them to go soft sooner or later!!! Ha!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A First & Evan Almighty

Amelia received a small sewing machine from Santa. She wanted to make Aunty Megan a bag, so we used a 70's style cloth placemat and a leftover extra strap from one of my aprons. Here is Aunty Megan modelling her new bag!
And here is the bag by itself. I think she did a really good job and she is quite proud of herself too. This afternoon she sewed Wesley a bookmark that he had requested, its green as Amelia thought that green is more "boyish".

It's very nearly a smile... really it is! Master Evan is a bit tight fisted with his smiles so close enough is good enough. Look at him trying to flex his almighty muscles, what a strong nephew!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmassy Things

I love Christmas! I loved it when I was a kid and I still love it now - What's not to love?

I know some people find the jolly season a crazy time, full of stress and worry. A lady today told me that she just refuses to buy into all of it. She loves Christmas but she just refuses to ruin it with worry. Love that. This year has been very cruisey for me, whether its because a lot of the gifts are homemade or whether I had a very clear idea of what everyone was to get or maybe cause we have eased back on the kid presents too. Maybe its a combination of all of them but I am relaxed and really enjoying it all.

I do have one more pressie to make as I changed my mind and Im not making my new nephew bibs after all, I decided to make him some wetbags (really for mum but hey he is only 7 weeks old). And I have a little pack of boy face washer I got, 3 for $1.50.

I absolutely can't wait till my presents get opened!!! Specially the home made ones.

My niece Kelly got me this awesome recipe for a nibbly that she had at her Engagement party. I am the nibbles person for Christmas night so I am doing the blue cheese/pecan/fig thing, white choc and macadamia rocky road, a couple of dips and some very retro devilled eggs.

Just so you know what type of family I come from, we are all about the nosh. We are having FOUR desserts at Christmas dinner, yep four!!! We love our food, oh yes we do!

How's your Christmas preparations coming along?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cleaning out the Fridge

Last night I needed to clean out the fridge so I got out the slow cooker! I went through and chopped up older vegies and tossed them all in with some browned mince. It cooked on slow overnight for tonight’s dinner – we love savoury mince!

Into the slow cooker went the last of the peas from Wesley’s Ag plot at school, from Mum and Dad’s place there was zucchini and green & yellow beans, our garden contributed carrots, onion, garlic, squash and capsicums. I’ve no idea where the tomatoes came from, either the market or
Coles I would say.

I have to say it is still gives a great feeling when the majority of a meal comes from the garden or rather gardens!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Is this the saddest zucchini in Australia? Way way too much rain has resulted with us actually wishing for zucchinis, if you can believe it! Usually the zucchini love is already waning for the kids but not so this year. Hopefully with a little sun one might actually get to the table!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Over Work

I don't know whether its because the year is winding down or because my work is going through some big changes but I am completely over it. I am sick of going, of having to go everyday.

I really like my job as it is now but due to changes I can see it evolving into a role that I am less than excited about. I hope I am wrong!

I like the money that comes with working fulltime but it does mean that everything else, everything I want to do has to be squeezed in at night or on the weekends and I am running out of time. Hmmm. I suppose it's the lament of every full time worker.

I think its good for your soul to have a whinge, so I am having mine here.

I booked us a holiday today for a few days in January and am looking forward to my five day break over Christmas, I am hoping both these will recharge the old batteries.

Do you find that as the end of the year draws to a close you too become "over it"?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Around the Garden

Beware that some of these photos might be a bit off centre, my camera has decided to take pics but not show anything on the display screen so you dont know whether you have actually got the photo you wanted to take. Noice.These gardenia's smell absolutely lovely every time you step outside.
This is a dwarf pumpkin, it is more of a bushy type. It will be interesting to see how they go.
Cucumber growing. A few things such as this and the zucchini seem to have not grown as much as last year. I think it is to do with the huge amount of rain we have had. Hoping that now the weather is looking to get back to normal we might have a bit more oomph.
Beetroot. I always seem to have some.
Capsicums - both normal and purple varieties
Turning purple.
Beans have too been slow growers. They did get a lot of rain not long after planting which I know is not a great thing.
Cherry tomatoes - you can see out homemade fly traps.
Zucchini - I have for but not one zuc yet.
Lots of squash though.
The garden is looking good and with a bit more sun will be a lot better. Cross Fingers!


Yesterday we had a flying visit to Gunnedah, to deliver Christmas presents and see my new niece and nephew!

Both my sisters had babies last month, only 12 hours apart but they each still have their own birthdays. Too cute!
Here is Dave holding Ava Rose, she has just had a bottle and is in a milk haze I think.
Here is Wesley Patrick holding Evan Patrick! Both have the same middle name as their Pop. Evan has long arms and legs and Amelia swears he did a Superman move!
They were so lovely and happy babies. Love having them to spoil!