Sunday, December 4, 2011

Around the Garden

Beware that some of these photos might be a bit off centre, my camera has decided to take pics but not show anything on the display screen so you dont know whether you have actually got the photo you wanted to take. Noice.These gardenia's smell absolutely lovely every time you step outside.
This is a dwarf pumpkin, it is more of a bushy type. It will be interesting to see how they go.
Cucumber growing. A few things such as this and the zucchini seem to have not grown as much as last year. I think it is to do with the huge amount of rain we have had. Hoping that now the weather is looking to get back to normal we might have a bit more oomph.
Beetroot. I always seem to have some.
Capsicums - both normal and purple varieties
Turning purple.
Beans have too been slow growers. They did get a lot of rain not long after planting which I know is not a great thing.
Cherry tomatoes - you can see out homemade fly traps.
Zucchini - I have for but not one zuc yet.
Lots of squash though.
The garden is looking good and with a bit more sun will be a lot better. Cross Fingers!

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  1. I have green envy. Have managed to survive a mint bush and cherry tomato bush for a few weeks. Im the worst. Your garden looks a dream.