Saturday, May 25, 2013

Doing Stuff

Brrrrrrr! Jack Frost has certainly started nipping at our noses here! 2 weeks ago Dad still had ripening tomatoes and now the asparagus is hibernating and the basil is gone.

I have finished Amelia's scarf and have mine about 1/4 done. Amelia's is called a cancan scarf - only took a day to do. Here it is:

It is pink, purple & navy
Last weekend also saw Amelia finish her artwork that she did for my sewing room. I think it looks awesome!
It's a cherry blossom tree losing flowers in the wind
Tomorrow I am off to Armidale for a drive and possibly a stop at Lincraft. Okay definately Lincraft, LOL!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hello and Happy Mothers Day!

Yes it's been a while. Yes I have missed blogging about somethings and nothings. But today, after having a visit with my Mum, I felt like crafting, sewing and cooking once again. Thank you Mum!

What a lovely day I have had. I laid in bed until 10 and it was good. I had breakfast with the kids and Dave and got two very wonderful gifts, a blue glass windchime and a purple kettle. Here they are -

Excellent Mother's Day stall gift chosen by Amelia
This is a metallic purple and I love it!

After we had breaky we headed out with a cake to Mum and Dad's place. She didn't know we were coming but she had just pulled a carrot cake out of the oven! (Which was absolutely divine with a lemon cream cheese icing - lush).

 I had a really good visit with Mum (as usual) and left with hands itching to do some craft or sewing. So when I got home I looked for a project - a quick, satisfying one. I found a sewing machine cover, which is perfect as both Amelia and I both need them.

This is mine, we will be finishing Amelia's this week, she would like a cover with pigs, so pigs it is.
I had to add a little material to the bottom as I got distracted by The Block and cut it 10cm too short! Idiot!! LOL! But I like it. I am thinking of doing a little backstitching around some of the flowers so they pop out a bit more. What do you think?

It would be something to take to work and do during lunch when winter comes in full force and the icy winds make you want to stay inside. Brrrrrrr. In the meantime I will cast on a dishcloth as I am running short.

What crafting are you up to?