Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2011!

My keyword (as opposed to a resolution) is mindfulness. I hope I can be mindful about my spending, what I use and how I spend my time. I think that one word can be applied to just about everything!

I went downtown this afternoon and bought 4 patterns. I got them all for $12. They are all half price and because they are the simple patterns they are only $6 each (usually) , so I kind of got 2 for free. I have been waiting for them to come on special, the last specials were Vogue and New Look not really my cup of tea (and a bit too difficult for my limited sewing ability). I got Simplicity 2675 Simplicity 2666 , Simplicity 2688 and Butterick B5307 . The girl patterns go up to a 8 and you have to look at the drawings as with this age group they always seem to picture the outfits on little girls.

I have searched for a Mens boxer/pj pattern and I found one but it was $18! So I am going to look again next time I am at Spotlight. Thats all Wes would wear if I make him something. Though he does want a new cushion with some video game thing on it. The problems finding a picture I can use as a template but I am sure I can jimmy something up.

Well seeya in 2011!

Happy Holidays

Have I told you how much I loooove being at home? No? Well I do! I am on top of the housework, can get dinner done during the day, pick and choose when I do the crappy jobs and get to be with the kids which I actually like. I also get to do things I WANT to do, like cooking and sewing.
I made two of these. I embroidered them and then sewed them up - they are pin cushions if you hadn't guessed.

Today I made Tomato Chutney from my fave book. Mum and Dad gave me 2 kgs of cherry tomatoes yesterday and here is is simmering away.

Bit redder now and the smell is delish!

And here are the results - 8 jars of Tomato chutney. Dave has chutney or relish on his samdwiches everyday so this should keep him going for a little bit. Though if he likes it I might do another batch while tomatoes are in season.

Here is my Little Mustard Monster! He is cute. I had to learn how to blind stitch his opening shut and I am pretty happy with how it came out. The blind stitch looks good on the pin cushion too.
Since I have been home today I have ironed, watered the garden, washed, cooked the relish, learned how to blind stitch and had morning tea with the kids - and its not even noon!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Cooking

Zucchini pickles made from my Out of the Bottle book. I love that book. The apricot jam came out of it too.

Here is Amelia cooking a cake for Nan, Pop and Uncle Ronnie's flying visit tomorrow. I picked up a CSR baking set for $5. She loves the hat.

And here are the sultana cakes. Amelia was head chef and I was her sous chef. The mini loaf pan came in the set too.


Today I have been busy. Below is the Apricot jam that I made. It tastes delicious! And it didn't stick, which was a worry as she mentions twice in the recipes to watch for it.

Here is the slow cooker cooking tonights dinner - bolognaise sauce! It cooks for 7 hours!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sewing for the fun of it

This morning we all walked into town to let the kids spend some (or all) of their Christmas money. Wes got prices form 4 shops and got a good price on two games he wanted and Amelia checked Target for another ZooZoo pet ($20) but got one at Big W for $15. We picked up some bread for lunch - surprise surprise - ham sandwiches! Very nice morning.

Dave has played a video game with Wes and Junior Monopoly with Amelia. I have played Scrabble with Wes and Juniour Cluedo with Moola Doola. So we've done our parenting for the day!! Ha!!!

Have been watching or listening to Australia get a whooping in the cricket. Tres sad. But then I felt like sewing as I have been slowly going through Mum's Handmade magazines and have a pile of "to do" projects. One is the Little Green Monster. However I dont have any green fabric so it will be the Little Mustard Monster! Here it is so far;

I will have to get some big buttons for his eyes and some ribbony cordy stuff for his hair. He will probably cost me about $3 to make as I already had the rest of the stuff. Hopefully I can get what I need tomorrow, if not I might raid Bronwyns stash!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We got some lovely gifts this year. I have taken a few pictures of some of them. We had a really nice day, with Wes waking everyone at 6am and then a yummy breaky. Then off to church to sing carols and home again to open more presents!
We had a roast for lunch with chocolate tart for dessert. Though we did have dessert two hours later as we were busting out of our sides! Kim came over and we watched Marmaduke aand had cold meat and a potato bake for dinner and pav for dessert. I was in bed before 10.30.

Here is my "throne". The crochet blanket on the chair is my present from Bronwyn.

We got these from Meg and Tim as well as another set of canninsters that are now residing in the pantry.

Just a few chocolates........Dave's heaven

Wes staged this picture, we had a game of Scrabble this morning and he is hitting the shops tomorrow!

Wes smiling this morning in his Unit shirt and fluffy hair from washing but not combing it. Both kids went to bed completely buggered last night.

How gorgeous is my necklace, bangle and earring set? I love the colour of them. In the purple bag is a necklace from Julie and the perfume was a present from Dave and the kids.

Amelia's Barbie camper. Hope Barbie's okay there...

I got 3 cookbooks from Kate, Dave and Kim. Dave got me the dressmaking scissors and the pinking shears.

Mum did a fantastic job with Amelia's quilt. It is awesome!

Dave living with the torment of assembling the dollhouse. Yes, there has been some "frustration talk".

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning in Inverell

Looks like someone has easten biscuits and drank a glass of milk....I bet it was Santa!

Here is Wes with his new TV. I think he has a new love in his life!
Amelia with her ZooZoo pet. I think she has named it Bun.

Breakfast at the Thirlways! Croissants!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Introducing ....... my first potato! Taaa daaa!

In this pan (other than the mince) everything is home grown (mine or Mum & Dads). This is tonights tea, savoury mince.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gunnedah Christmas Trip

Dad's harvest; it just happened to be sitting on the table.

The birthday girl, with her present from Mum and Dad.

Oooo a zucchini patch kid!

Megan's harvest. I have to say I am a little suspicious of the asparagus. Can't put my finger on why though.....

Meeting of the minds.

Dad's vegetable garden.

Two best cousins.

My gorgeous table runner that Mum made me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift or No?

I made this gathered clutch, its from Noodleheads tutorial on her blog. It is not perfect but I am still pretty happy with the way it turned out. I was going to give this to Aunty Wilma with a cake of homemade soap in it but do you think it looks ok? (I like it but I made it so I don't think I am an acceptable judge).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Present for Harry

I looked everywhere for a particular Golden book for Sarah's son Harry. Could not find it. Not even in Vinnies! How rude! Then I came across Purlbee's blog/website and she had the pattern for these great balls. I filled them with stuffing from a new cushion insert. The smaller one has the round ends on it but the bigger one I sewed up slightly differently and I didn't think it needed them.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today is the first day where I have actually felt hot. Its not that dry baking heat that usually comes with the summer here but a sticky humid heat that has probably come from all the rain that has been about. Ick!

On a happier note I did some power shopping after work today and have all done my christmas shopping except for going into one shop. I feel much better now and only have 3 things left to make and they are easy peasy so I am good.

Below you can see I finished all the girls' bags. What do you call a group of bags? A stand of bags? A baggle of bags? Anyhoo this is them. The Barbie one on the left is Ellie's .... shh don't tell!

Here is our tree in front of the double glass doors so you can see the lights from outside at night.

Wes made me 6 of these place mats in art class. They are done with lino. I think they look very good and usable! Wes didn't want to pose with them - again!

Amelia ready for her Christmas presentation day. Do you like the skirt? I made it!

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with Z.

Dave with his Sensei. See his black belt?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Girl Bag

Well I am rather impressed with myself, I made the bag from Little Girl Pearl's blog. It was so much fun and it looks great (I think). I also managed to give my sewing machine a service so now it is working a treat. Did I say it's reversible? Cause it is!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Bee

I had a great day yesterday and some other things that were done are Amelia's Santas Ute for school. I didnt help with this project, Dave did and it looks pretty good .

Tonight's dinner - shepherds pie with sweet potato mash on top.

My fabulous shorts I made!

And the last of the nine skirts. She (thankfully) decided on the easy peasy pattern.