Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today is the first day where I have actually felt hot. Its not that dry baking heat that usually comes with the summer here but a sticky humid heat that has probably come from all the rain that has been about. Ick!

On a happier note I did some power shopping after work today and have all done my christmas shopping except for going into one shop. I feel much better now and only have 3 things left to make and they are easy peasy so I am good.

Below you can see I finished all the girls' bags. What do you call a group of bags? A stand of bags? A baggle of bags? Anyhoo this is them. The Barbie one on the left is Ellie's .... shh don't tell!

Here is our tree in front of the double glass doors so you can see the lights from outside at night.

Wes made me 6 of these place mats in art class. They are done with lino. I think they look very good and usable! Wes didn't want to pose with them - again!

Amelia ready for her Christmas presentation day. Do you like the skirt? I made it!

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with Z.

Dave with his Sensei. See his black belt?

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