Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays

Have I told you how much I loooove being at home? No? Well I do! I am on top of the housework, can get dinner done during the day, pick and choose when I do the crappy jobs and get to be with the kids which I actually like. I also get to do things I WANT to do, like cooking and sewing.
I made two of these. I embroidered them and then sewed them up - they are pin cushions if you hadn't guessed.

Today I made Tomato Chutney from my fave book. Mum and Dad gave me 2 kgs of cherry tomatoes yesterday and here is is simmering away.

Bit redder now and the smell is delish!

And here are the results - 8 jars of Tomato chutney. Dave has chutney or relish on his samdwiches everyday so this should keep him going for a little bit. Though if he likes it I might do another batch while tomatoes are in season.

Here is my Little Mustard Monster! He is cute. I had to learn how to blind stitch his opening shut and I am pretty happy with how it came out. The blind stitch looks good on the pin cushion too.
Since I have been home today I have ironed, watered the garden, washed, cooked the relish, learned how to blind stitch and had morning tea with the kids - and its not even noon!

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