Monday, December 27, 2010

Sewing for the fun of it

This morning we all walked into town to let the kids spend some (or all) of their Christmas money. Wes got prices form 4 shops and got a good price on two games he wanted and Amelia checked Target for another ZooZoo pet ($20) but got one at Big W for $15. We picked up some bread for lunch - surprise surprise - ham sandwiches! Very nice morning.

Dave has played a video game with Wes and Junior Monopoly with Amelia. I have played Scrabble with Wes and Juniour Cluedo with Moola Doola. So we've done our parenting for the day!! Ha!!!

Have been watching or listening to Australia get a whooping in the cricket. Tres sad. But then I felt like sewing as I have been slowly going through Mum's Handmade magazines and have a pile of "to do" projects. One is the Little Green Monster. However I dont have any green fabric so it will be the Little Mustard Monster! Here it is so far;

I will have to get some big buttons for his eyes and some ribbony cordy stuff for his hair. He will probably cost me about $3 to make as I already had the rest of the stuff. Hopefully I can get what I need tomorrow, if not I might raid Bronwyns stash!

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