Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2011!

My keyword (as opposed to a resolution) is mindfulness. I hope I can be mindful about my spending, what I use and how I spend my time. I think that one word can be applied to just about everything!

I went downtown this afternoon and bought 4 patterns. I got them all for $12. They are all half price and because they are the simple patterns they are only $6 each (usually) , so I kind of got 2 for free. I have been waiting for them to come on special, the last specials were Vogue and New Look not really my cup of tea (and a bit too difficult for my limited sewing ability). I got Simplicity 2675 Simplicity 2666 , Simplicity 2688 and Butterick B5307 . The girl patterns go up to a 8 and you have to look at the drawings as with this age group they always seem to picture the outfits on little girls.

I have searched for a Mens boxer/pj pattern and I found one but it was $18! So I am going to look again next time I am at Spotlight. Thats all Wes would wear if I make him something. Though he does want a new cushion with some video game thing on it. The problems finding a picture I can use as a template but I am sure I can jimmy something up.

Well seeya in 2011!

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