Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Girl Bag

Well I am rather impressed with myself, I made the bag from Little Girl Pearl's blog. It was so much fun and it looks great (I think). I also managed to give my sewing machine a service so now it is working a treat. Did I say it's reversible? Cause it is!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Bee

I had a great day yesterday and some other things that were done are Amelia's Santas Ute for school. I didnt help with this project, Dave did and it looks pretty good .

Tonight's dinner - shepherds pie with sweet potato mash on top.

My fabulous shorts I made!

And the last of the nine skirts. She (thankfully) decided on the easy peasy pattern.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things are coming along

Yeah, very nicely too. I have had a busy weekend which is productive and helpful weight wise. It's been great that the Ashes are on so there is something to watch all day. I love test cricket!

Flowering Zucchini

Cannalillies are starting to flower


Front garden - all the 50c punnets I bought have taken.

Can you see my baby lemon??

I made this a while ago. But last week an old man came in and was saying how his wife and his mother both had always done their washing on Mondays.

See I have been busy!!!

Garlic hanging

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feeling Cherry





Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lounge Room: 2 seater/2 chair lounge suites, pouffe burgundy, chandilier, antique style dresser, bookshelf, drapes and ceiling light.

Kitchen: wood range, mantel shelf, electric stove, 3 chairs, metal wood box, fire tool set, sundries to decorate, 2 pantry cupboards, old wooden oak table, ceiling light.

Bedroom 1: double bed on castors, chest drawers burgundy, dressing table with mirror, curtains, lamp, ceiling light.

Bedroom 2: Queen Anne bed, single bed, single metal bed, cedar lowboy, ccurtains, ceiling light.

Bedroom 3: Timber daybed with mattress, bookshelf, side table with 1 drawer, shabby chic side cupboard, lamp, cane night stand, ceiling light.

Study: built in robe, low shelf cupboard, timber hat and coat racks, solid timber dining table, 6 highback dining chairs, side table.

Studio: Desk with 6 drawers Maple, low childs desk with two drawers, wooden swivel chair, lead light cabinet, cchest of drawers, electric air cooler.

Bathroom/Laundry: Auto washing machine, ceiling light.

Verandah: Piano, plants, cane side table, games table.

Sheds: assorted power tools, garden tools, push mower, electrical outdoor garden lighting, spotlight, BBQ, outdoor furniture, wheelbarrow, 2 green lid sulo bins, 1 yellow lid sulo bin.

More Updates!

Yet another Skirt!

Cherry Tomatoes

One of the mysteries have ripen! Any takers??

Daves Saturday Breakfast!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something for Amelia's Wardrobe

Basically I have spent the day sewing. And here are the fruits of my labour.

This and the one below are two of the materials Bronwyn got me in Brisbane.

I like this one - a little Minnie Mouse!

This one was a rather hard, well the white trim was hard to sew!

What Has Been Happening?

I have been doing a lot of bits and pieces lately and have been too lazy to update the blog! Since I last posted I have had Mum, Dad and Meg up for a visit and picked my first carrot too! Here are the pics.... My first carrot! I'm impressed that it looks so carroty!

Carrots and red onions

Got to dry the onions for a week before storing
Sweet peas
My Potatoes have just started flowering so I am busy hilling - again.

Mystery Number One - what is it?

Mystery Number two - this is the tree that had those horrific smelling flowers on it.

Brussell Sprouts

Snap peas - Wes eats these as a snack

Grapes a growing
Pumpkins before watering

Ans after watering - what a difference

Amelia's skirts

Matching Scrunchies
I have been doing other stuff too, but some of the recipients of those labours read this so no can show!