Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmassy Things

I love Christmas! I loved it when I was a kid and I still love it now - What's not to love?

I know some people find the jolly season a crazy time, full of stress and worry. A lady today told me that she just refuses to buy into all of it. She loves Christmas but she just refuses to ruin it with worry. Love that. This year has been very cruisey for me, whether its because a lot of the gifts are homemade or whether I had a very clear idea of what everyone was to get or maybe cause we have eased back on the kid presents too. Maybe its a combination of all of them but I am relaxed and really enjoying it all.

I do have one more pressie to make as I changed my mind and Im not making my new nephew bibs after all, I decided to make him some wetbags (really for mum but hey he is only 7 weeks old). And I have a little pack of boy face washer I got, 3 for $1.50.

I absolutely can't wait till my presents get opened!!! Specially the home made ones.

My niece Kelly got me this awesome recipe for a nibbly that she had at her Engagement party. I am the nibbles person for Christmas night so I am doing the blue cheese/pecan/fig thing, white choc and macadamia rocky road, a couple of dips and some very retro devilled eggs.

Just so you know what type of family I come from, we are all about the nosh. We are having FOUR desserts at Christmas dinner, yep four!!! We love our food, oh yes we do!

How's your Christmas preparations coming along?

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