Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Over Work

I don't know whether its because the year is winding down or because my work is going through some big changes but I am completely over it. I am sick of going, of having to go everyday.

I really like my job as it is now but due to changes I can see it evolving into a role that I am less than excited about. I hope I am wrong!

I like the money that comes with working fulltime but it does mean that everything else, everything I want to do has to be squeezed in at night or on the weekends and I am running out of time. Hmmm. I suppose it's the lament of every full time worker.

I think its good for your soul to have a whinge, so I am having mine here.

I booked us a holiday today for a few days in January and am looking forward to my five day break over Christmas, I am hoping both these will recharge the old batteries.

Do you find that as the end of the year draws to a close you too become "over it"?


  1. I hear you!

    Full time = less time with family and less time to be moneywise and less time to just be.

  2. Yes it is because the year is ending, well I think it is and there is now something on each weekend.
    It is a deleamor? you either work and have money to spend on what you want or stay at home and be able to do the things you want to do.

  3. FDU & Debbie, I am really hoping it will all come good with the new year. I was talking to some people last night and they too are feeling the pain, so I am hanging out for 2012.