Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Gardening

What a lovely day! It was sunny and the wind was not so bad! The back deck was a real suntrap this afternoon, which I took advantage of. I emptied all my boxes into the wheelbarrow (thanks Dad & Mum!) and added compost, a little blood & bone and a bit of leftover potting mix and mixed it all up and refilled them. I planted garlic in them, Dad gave me a heap yesterday and now they are in their happy home.

Since we got a new wheelbarrow, Dave drilled holes in our old one, I filled it with dirt and planted pansies, just to give the backyard some colour, as it is very much all business out there.

Sadly this is all that is left of the loquat tree. The fly infestation was incredible last year and the flowers had the WORST smell I have ever smelt. We reckon they smell like death. The fly is the main reason it had to go, we had to put the tomatoes in the front yard just to get some. So now we have to think on whats going to replace it. I'm thinking wither an orange tree or another raised bed. Thoughts?

Dwarf peas are coming along, I spent two hours doing all the weeding which was completely relaxing, some days weeding is not a chore.

Dave tried to make a foccacia for the first time - this is obviously the before.

And this is after! We had some with dinner which was a slow cooked beef rolled roast. Everything was yum!

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