Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the Kitchen

This week in the kitchen it has been, as usual, delicious. The scones below were made by Dave, since he is the master scone maker around these parts. He has put in white choc bits. Yes they are as beautiful as they sound and look. I took one to work to have with my lunch and just warmed it up a little and the taste was extraordinary!

Today I made jam. Not that we are running out by a long shot but we had no "berry" jam left, only peach, plum, apricot and crabapple (aren't we hard done by?) I made 6 jars of each Raspberry and Mixed Berry, the house smells lovely.

Tomorrow I have a hazy plan of doing a batch of onion marmalade as I am all out of that one and I eat it on everything!


  1. I love scones but not with fruit in. The chocolate sounds good, I have made them before putting in ground almonds, that is really tasty

  2. I will have to get Dave to try that one! My Mum is trying a scone loaf recipe so I am hoping to hear good things!