Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have managed to get a couple of things made. Which is nice as that side of things has beeen a bit of a struggle to fit in. I finally got Wes' curtains made. The rubberback is a nice thick one and was only $5 a metre. The girl serving us was very generous and we got nearly an extra metre! They have made a big difference and have made his room much warmer.

I made Amelia this skirt. Its a Burda pattern, which I have now found I dont like that much to work with but it is done now. I bought this pink cord a few weeks ago, last week I asked Amelia did she want me to make her a skirt to wear for her walkathon. She happily told me that she was wearing trackpants to be warm, which I was happy with - one less thing to do. Then Thursday morning comes and she tells me how tomorrow she is going to wear her new skirt......Um that would be the one I didn't make. So that was Thursday night taken care of and it turned out ok. The skirt yoke is done with a orange and pink paisley.

She did 13 laps at the walkathon.

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