Sunday, June 12, 2011


For once the weatherman is right, it's raining. We have had about 20mm or so since this time yesterday. I am loving it - keeps the below zero temps away! Here are our Cauli's and Broccoli's ~ they have been going really well and haven't yet been mauled by the caterpillars. I have been trying to get out there every couple of days and brush any eggs off them and squish any baby caterpillars I see.
This garden is a bit of a jumble, its got parsnips, carrots (I hope), purple carrots - which I read about in Grass Roots and just wanted to try, beetroot - both the regular and the coloured varieties, a few onions and a couple of pansies. A real mixed bag.

My celery are growing well and the dwarf peas have pods on them. I am going to use some of my silverbeet tomorrow morning to make this recipe from The Witches Kitchen. Looks yum.

The Italian night's menu is shaping up real nice! Bronwyn is doing Penne con Funghi e Procuisetti and a Berry Tiramisu, Jody is making Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni and a Tort di Mele, Dave is making a garlic pizza and a lasagna (claiming its his world famous lasagna) and I am making a Fettuccine Carbonara. Sounds fab doesn't it? Plus we bought some Italian wine. Its going to be such a fun night!

Hope everyone's having a good long weekend!

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  1. Your garden is thriving! Fabulous stuff. My efforts have been propped up with all this rain and my current crops are actually still alive (I am a self-confessed black thumb)! I am excited! Enjoy your silverbeet (there is always quiche!) x