Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Wander Around

Today we went to my Mum and Dad's place at Ashford. They have the inside and out looking so homey that you wouldn't think they had lived there only 6 months! The wind was very cold today but it was warm inside! This fuel stove is lovely and warm! Mum's ben making some fab cakes in it and it's so nice to stand in front of.
This is Dad and my "Field of Dreams", our wheat 'field'. It looks great! And healthy!Mum still can't work out how we are going to turn it into flour and truthfully I haven't either yet in any detailed way but I will! So if anyone has a home flour mill I could borrow or buy let me know.

Brassica's with a tin can windmill.

Looking down - you can compare in a previous post and see the difference.

This is the newest garden so has only a couple of things in it.
Mum's is the chief chook looker afterer

This is NOT their egg pecker chook!

Looking up the back

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