Saturday, June 25, 2011

Op Shop Finds & Saving Some Moola

We went to a Vinnies garage sale this morning and we got us some loot! I love love love a bargain!! We got a Holly Hobbie butter dish, which says Good Company is a Special Treat - how cute! And a cut glass bud vase, a decanter, 2 sherry/port glasses, a pretty rose plate, a glittery box and a coffee plunger.

And we got 2 pairs of cuff links and a nappy stacker for Megan. All for the princely sum of $5.80!!! BARGAIN!!!

As for saving money, this week I have done something rather radical (for me) and given my debit and credit cards to David. I got my spending money and that is it. Its not as though as I was wasting money on rubbish but rather that I would see things on special (eg socks, undies, tea towels, groceries) and get them, thinking that I had better get them now rather then later at full price, whether we needed them or not. So I am card free - only cash for this girl.

We also have emptied our drawer freezer and turned it off. The seal isn't working properly so its always running. We can squash everyintg into our fridge freezer so thats what we've done until we get the seals re-done. I thought this would be a good idea after reading that after the hot water system, refrigeration is one of the biggest electrical users.

At the library today we put our names on the list to get there energy saver kit to borrow. It has a tester that allows you to check the efficiency of all you electrical appliances. I hope our turn comes soon.

Lastly here is a pic of the material I put over a bit of the garden, its frozen solid! Wes spotted it when we were hanging out the wash on Friday morning. I checked the outdoor thermometre and it was minus 1. You can see a bit of the frost in the background. Brrrrrr!


  1. That Holly Hobbie butter dish would be a sought after item.

  2. Yeah i think so too. Dave reckons it's more of a cheese dish. I think it cost 80 cents!

  3. Good luck with the cash only! We have been drawing out a lump sum at the beginning of a pay cycle for the past three pays and it has been working a treat! Really makes you re-think those lunches when out and about and other little extravagances that eat away at your budget. Let us know how you go x

  4. Miss Piggy Bank - I was very happy with them!

    MultipleMum - good on you! Aim really hoping it works, Dave isn't a spender and only goes into shops when he is actually interested in buying something specific. I work in the main street of town and it's too tempting to check out the specials!