Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Door!

Our door is finally hung! This is Dave's baby, he has put one coat of primer on it and 3 coats of topcoat. He was really worried that the previous door could be quite easily punched or kicked in. Now this door is solid. You can actually feel the weight when you swing it open.

We have also replaced the handles. The last one had a knob style handle on it and it was completely annoying.

Here is our solar hot water system. We timed it today and it got full sun from 7.00am to 4.00pm (at least as we didnt check after that). So we are looking at at least 9 hours of full sun a day. Woohoo! It is electric boosted and we are now on off peak which we werent previously, David would have to physically switch our hot water on/off at the switchboard to save some money.

This is the hot water holderer and pump. It holds 400L, we decided on the big unit because it was only marginally different in price from the next one down which was about 300ish L and this was only about $60 more. Isn't it beautiful?? LOL???

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  1. Love the red door,is it the door on the front patio or the one you use all the time??