Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend List

I was so happy with being able to check off my Easter list, that I am giving it another go.

Clean out linen cupboard
Make choko pickles
Find gramma pie recipe
Move strawberry plants
Plant red onions
Sow more carrot seed
Prune roses
Tidy deck
Bag leaves for mulch
Fill fairy garden hole

I wont be making Brandied carrot jam as Dave couldn't resist have a nip - not that I am surprised mind. And I do have a few other things I would like to do such as plant our dwarf peach in the ground rather than the pot its in. But they are only if I get to them.

In other news looks like the federal government is going to slash the rebates on solar panels/solar hot water in the Budget. Apparently its working TOO well and TOO many people are taking up the solar effort. Isn't that ridiculous?? Shouldn't that be a GOOD thing? Arghh, its so upside down logic that it does my head in. The worry is that if a large enough number have solar then there wont be as many people buying electricity they electricity prices will go up even more. I say that the state government needs to buy back the utilities and start working for us again!

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