Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Solar and Savings!

Winter is certainly coming! Brrrr! Monday night was one of those nights where until you go to bed or jump in the shower I could not get warm! This morning all I could see was fog outside. I love having four seasons!

We still haven't got a date for our solar hot water system to be installed, though they did say they would put us up the list 'cause we having being waiting on them to organise their finance. See we paid a 25% deposit and then have 2 years to pay the rest off interest free. We are actually hoping to pay it off with our tax return. I hope it's soon as our HWS is crappy, with us only getting about 200l of hot water from a 415l tank! We also got the electricity bill yesterday - $528, thats about average. Thankfully we get money taken out every fortnight for that so we only owe $53. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference the solar makes as they say hot water accounts for 40 - 60% of the electricity. I heard that the cost of electricity is going up something like 17% which would take my $528 bill to $618ish! ouch! Though I have heard of people - people we actually know - getting bills over $1000!!! I think I would resort to candles!!!

I have cleaned out Amelia's cupboard and cleaned out 3 garbage bags of clothes! Some went to be passed on to a friend and the other to vinnies and a few school things to the clothing pool. Thankfully Amelia is tall and that alone save me $80 yesterday! The school is phasing out the winter uniforms with one pleat in the back which usually sell for $30, they are going with the 2 pleat in the back design from now on (though most kids will be wearing the older ones for years) they sell for $60. Luckily they were selling the old size 10's for $20 each and while they are the tinest bit big they fit her lengthwise perfectly. I grabbed two and saved $80, and a friend gave me some pants and blouses for her that their daughter had outgrown so that is money saved too!

Muesli Bars

Maiden voyage of my love heart cake tin

Organised sewing gear! Finally!

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