Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update on List

As you can see the pickles are done, though it does seem runnier than usual for her recipes (A Year in the Bottle), I followed the recipe exact...well I will see how it goes once it is cool.

I have pruned the roses, though some might say decimated them. I think you are either a rose person or not and I am not. When we moved in here I though I could be but its just not happened. Don't get me wrong, I like them when they come in bunches but not so much the growing as a plant. Just not for me.

I transplanted the strawberries, sowed more carrot seed, planted the onions and cleaned out the linen cupboard. Dave and I pruned the crepe myrtle and tidied the deck up too. I even got some weeding done so my list is looking good for completion this weekend!

Dave made this for lunch, the right side is BBQ Hawiian Chicken and the left is Ham and Olive. They were divine and we have some left for dinner!


  1. Dave's cooking looks delish.Pickles will probably thicken as they cool down.Been a bit busy myself today,after the usual chores I did a huge basket of ironing then put rings on all the new cutains.They are hung right across the front windows just have to get some more rods for the others.Also cooked a meat and veg soup,watered my plants and most important ordered some new beads .Tomorrow is going to be a relaxing craft day,hopefully dad will go to golf.

  2. They are pretty cool now and still seem runny, if they don't get thicker I think I will put them back in the pot and rebottle them. What's the beads for?