Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wayne Swan and Me

Who would have thought we would have so much in common! We are both putting forth our budgets tonight. Of course I am pitching mine only to Dave but still... lol! Though I am hoping we will get back to surplus (other than our mortgage) before 2013.

Dave and I kind of go in cycles of spending, for a while we will be very aware of our money then we slide in to Mr & Mrs Spendy Pants. I think we are heading the spendy way again, so we are focussing on the budget again. Focussing on sticking to our menu plan. Focussing on saving.

I am also going to do a spend diary for the next fortnight. I am writing down every cash, eft and any bank transfer from thursday. I am hoping for a few no spend days in there too.

It so easy to spend. You see something and suddenly you can't imagine life without it. Or you see a little thing that only costs a few dollars so you get it and then you see another liitle thing that's only $4 or $5 and then your at the till forking over $20! I find this happens to me a lot when I go into Coles. I will buy stuff that I don't need plain and simple. I got to stop it!!!

BTW the federal budget doesn't really effect us in any immediate way though it may trickle our way in time.

That's my money jumble for tonight!


  1. You can always return stuff to Coles. A little embarrassing - but I tell them I went over budget and they don't usually say no to my refund request if I got stuff I did not need.

  2. That's a good idea and I have taken back stuff before but only if I have accidently picked up the wrong thing. My problem is that the stuff I pick up is usually crap, like reduced to clear cake specials etc. But no more!