Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nice Stuff

Lots of nice things today! My Aunty Wilma sent me a food processor!! It is great and I have already made a whole orange cake with it - so yum!

Here is the homemade part of Mum's mothers day present. She will need it with our current temperatures, which have been Brrrrrrr!

Wes and I picked our two pumpkins. These were the ONLY ones on the vines. Though I planted them in the wrong spot altogether and these two only grew cause the vine took its self into a more sunny position. I just realised the photo is blurry, obviously I wont be getting a phone call from National Geographic to do the cover shot anytime soon...

This is a great book. It arrived in the mail from my wonderful, gorgeous, fabulous sister Megan (did you like that description Meg?) and it is good. I am definately trying the oven dried tomatoes and the red onion marmalade. There is even a method for doing ccandied citrus rind which would be a different thing to try.

In other news it looks like my job may be going full-time. Which would be good moneywise though time wise perhaps not? I guess its just juggling stuff around to fit a new routine.

Paid all the bills and have stuck to the budget which shouldnt be hard since we have been only doing it for 1 day but sometimes you can start snicking in stuff straight away - i know.

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