Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Things

Last night Mum rang me to say her and Dad were coming in to go garage saling and did I want to come - YEP! We had to have a little discussion about the Royal Wedding, we both agreed that her dress was really nice.

I watched the whole thing, from the arrival of the guests to the balconey kiss. How tragic am I? And I am not even a royal lover! The ceremony dragged on for a bit and I didnt love the headress of Princess Eugenie or Beatrice. On the bright side they were a great foil for everyone else! Ha!

Now on to all the good stuff. The first sale was the best by far. I got two dessert bowls, one cream and one blue, now I got these as I am going to slowly change over our crockery PLUS we have dessert in cereal bowls so we are always having way too much. I also got a heart shaped cake tin, they had quite a few others there but I restrained myself.

Amelia got a domino set for free! We have already had a half a dozen games or so.

I love this! I know it is meant for onion keeping but we are using it for our garlic cloves. It is sooo cute and is already doing its job on our kitchen bench.

I also got 3 lots of materials. The pink paisley is a flannel which I will make Amelia a winter nightie from, the red and white will be made into a winter dress as it is quite a thick cotton, I guess a drill cotton if you know what I mean, and the other material will be a dress for next summer. Now altogether the above stuff cost me $5!!!! Now that is goooood.

Other happy stuff is all my jars! I sorted them all and they are now just ready to go. Mum and Dad's next door neighbour sent in a back of chokos for me so guess what is on the to do list?

Here is my newly cleaned pantry. It is so beautiful and tidy! I am happy to say I only had one thing in there that was out of date and unuseable. I did find a bit of brandy, so if Dave can keep his paws off it I think I will make some Brandied Carrot jam.

Aunty Wilma sent me down a box of wool - which is fantastic as the nights are getting ccooler so we are primed for knitting season! Not that I dont knit ear round just that knitting in winter is extra special!
Last happy thing is my garlic. Doesn't it look great? You can just see the onions in the background. Garlic is an easy crop to grow, it is very nearly plant and forget.

So that it is all my happy things for today, except for one other, I got 4 gardening magazines for 50c at the Legacy shop. What a good day.

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  1. Love the tidy pantry,gives me a very happy feeling.