Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pillowcase Dress

As I mentioned we had a recent trip to Bellingen. In one of the shops was a simple dress made in vintage material (I think it was a sheet) and it had a doily sewn on to the front, which I have seen in about half dozen spots on the web attached to different items of clothing. This dress was about a size 4 and was selling for $57.

I wanted to have a go and the results turned out pretty well and it cost a lot less. Firstly this dress is in a size 8, I bought two pillowcases ($1 each), a doily (50c), extra material for the bottom as the pillowcases werent long enough (20c) and two buttons ($1.25 for both). So for a grand total of $3.95 I made the dress. I haven't counted the pattern I bought for $5 as I will use this heaps but even adding $1 for the pattern (based on using it a minimum of 5 times) the dress still came to $4.95. Time was not very much as it really is an easy pattern and would have been even easier if I hadnt made my own binding for the armholes.

Amelia first asked me 'you want me to wear a pillowcase?" But now she loves it and wants to wear it to Bronwyn's tomorrow. Since she is a showpony she happily posed for the pics.

On gardening news this has brightened up the fairy garden - isnt it gorgeous?

I also had to remember (thanks Google!) how to make a chatterbox, apparently I look like a monkey! (Tip: Don't pick number six).

Lastly here is the new bits of decking done, so though it isn't very handsome, it IS structurely sound with no chance of falling through!

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  1. That dress is so cute and a pillowcase makes it so easy you can pick them up ever so cheaply.
    The chatterboxes are great and yes there is always one or two numbers that have that sort of saying in them.......well actually when my boys were little they probably all had those sort of things in them,lol.
    I will post the Pear chutney recipe soon as I now have my computer back.