Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long Weekend Roundup

Here are some of my photo's from the weekend. I have heaps more but Blogger is REALLY slow tonight!
Wes on the shovel, getting all the weeds out from where the cucmbers and zucchinis were growing.
Wes posing on the shovel now!
Zucchini Pickles - bit orangey cause i grapped paprika instead of tumeric but only added a teaspoon but it changed the colour but not the taste!
Out they came - my long giving zucchini and cucumbers. I got 2 cucumbers of the vine the day I pulled it out - what a good vine!

Pear Chutney - gave my niece a jar and she was into it about 5 seconds later!
Here we are at McIntyre Falls, you can only see a little of Wes' blue shirt as he tried to scoot out of the photo and just Megs back and bum!

The rocks were just as gorgeous as the falls - maybe more so.

Dave's scones (rather what was left after we had a massive pig on them) he made these this morning for Megan on her way home.

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  1. I glad you got all your jobs done and the chutney turned out well for you. I gets eaten fairly quickly here too even with a spoon :0)