Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last Thursday we headed off to Bellingen. It is a cute little town with a very big cafe scene and some nice shops. This is the view from the cabin we were staying in 4 kms out of Bellingen. The dairy cows would wander across the river for milking and at 5 in the afternoon the ducks would land on the river and then head home by all walking in a line. It was very funny to see. We went to the Butterfly Farm and it was better than I remembered. The last time we had been there Wes had been 6 years old. This time Amelia is 6!

And three very beautiful and extremely rare butterflies.

We stopped in at the Honey Place at Urunga on the way to visiting Dave's parents in Macksville for a couple of hours on Saturday.

This is Marilyn the pig and Amelia was so keen to feed her our scraps that she was encouraging us not to eat all our lunch or dinner!

We bought Dave's muesli for only $7.50 a kg from Kombu and I went in and saw a Carman Miranda tea cosy, a bit smaller than the one I made Megs and the purse I made Aunty Wilma for Christmas last year. Obviously I am a lot more hip than I knew!

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