Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday at Home

These are Hazel and Mae's Easter presents that I am putting in cards instead of money for cholcolate. They get heaps of chocolate and they both read alot so I thought this would be something different.
The pink coin purse is mine - all mine! Finally I made one for me. The other is Kates to put in with her birthday present (I haven't decided what I am making for her yet), I thought the black and white is a bit more grown up.

Who would have thought it, our first potential pumpkin has arrived on the scene. The vine is making its way to the front yard where it is much more sunny. Dave reckons we should let them run free in the front yard next year. Please remember that Dave wasn't keen on the idea when I suggested it last year - he obviously knows a good idea when he thinks its his own!

My pea's are looking perky

Carrots are up.

I planted 65 omion plants in the 'pet cemetry'. I might get another couple of punnets in then plant the garlic.

My first lavender head.

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