Friday, March 4, 2011

March Already

I can not believe March is here and we are only 10 months away from another year already! I think I am getting old cause I never used to think like that!

I am still working on Dad's birthday present and am looking for a good fudge recipe so the kids can make that for his birthday. We are having Mum and Dad for dinner that night, it will probably be steaks on the BBQ but I will have to make something exciting for dessert.

Kim's daughter Sasha is the next birthday I have had to be organised for and so far so good. She gets an awful lot of stuff throughout the year and since I don't want to give money I have thought of something she probably WONT have.

I went through some Handmade mags and found the pattern for some bookmarks. We picked a cat cause Sasha is getting a kitten for her birthday.

The bookmark took an afternoon/evening to make completely. The stiching is backstitch and satin stitch for the eyes and nose.

The back is done in the same material as the coin purse Amelia picked out of the stash, so we have a bit of a puple theme happening.

See? Purple. I put one of the lollipop soaps I got yonks ago with it too.

I LOVE this material!! I got it from the markets for $2.50, its about 2.5 metres and it will be either a sundress for Amelia or a skirt for me. Haven't decided yet.
The scrap bucket is working a treat, we are hardly throwing out anything foodwise. It really has made me keep an eye on whats in the fridge and freezer. I have a curry on the stove at the moment to use up some vegies which I will freeze for another day though I will have to label it as this one is a veg and chicken curry and looks similar to the pumpkin and Kadu curry.
I had to buy another punnet of silverbeet as the birds pecked my to death. I have put up some netting so they have a chance to get established. I don't mind the birds having some as long as they are prepared to share!

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