Friday, February 25, 2011

What I to do with a Kadu?

This is a Kadu. A guy Dave works with grows these, he is from Pakistan and he told Dave he uses these in curries. I have never seen or heard of them before! I think it is a cross between a zucchini and a choko - kinda. The inside has a marshmallow look to it - very different.

I made a pumpkin and kadu curry. I got about three different recipes off the web and fused and fiddled about with them, and it really tasted nice, the spices give a depth of heat that set off the sweetness of both veggies.

I have frozen the excess to add to winter casseroles and stews. I still have half a kadu left so I will make a different curry over the weekend and freeze that too.

I made these buns last night and they were freaking delicious! I go the recipe from Frills in the Hills.

Cause I am trying to not waste food I made a Zucchini slice. Even though Wes says he doesn't like zucchini he gobbled this down and even took it for lunch! Now just to get Amelia to come around!

Bronwyn's Mum, Dorothy, made some crabapple jelly and gave me a jar - it is delish! AND it doesn't taste like apple like I thought it would, which was a surprise. I have never had crabapple before so thats too new things this week alone!

This bucket is my latest idea for being a bit greener. It is thought that most households throw away about 30% of their food. I hope we don't throw that much away! In monetary terms if we did in fact throw away 30% it would be throwing away $1950.00 a year - isn't that ridiculous??? So for this week we are putting any food that we would usually throw into this bin, just to see. It's already making me make sure nothing it is wasted, I am checking the fridge everyday!


  1. Do not tell me you are going to make a stew with the leftover food!!!! That would be classed as over frugal.
    Zuccini slice and buns look really good.

  2. I think I will give that a miss! Thanks for the suggestion Mum! How good was Bunnings today??? That paint was a bargain.

  3. haha.... is Nan Ánonymous'
    Lisa I am loving your blog, keep finding new ones!
    question, we have a cumqut tree, and i have no idea what to do with it, everyone that comes around says how i should make jam with it, but last (two times) i tried orange jam, i failed.