Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spendy Thursday

So I remembered that other item, USB key for Wes for school. He announced it was "urgent" this morning.... hmm how urgent? I asked, but alas it is needed for Friday. So away to Big W after work. It cost $10.93 for a 2G, I rang Dave to see if I was being ripped off but he reckons that is about right, I also got Amelia her scissors ($1.88), Wes a spare book ($1.42) and Daves valentines present ($3.98). I then went to Coles and got 3L of milk for $3. So I spent - $20.21. Not too bad.

However Dave had to use our CC to pay for some thing at work $18, and they reimbursed him in cash, now what did we do with that? Oh we got a cup of coffee and a crepe each - $15, maybe not a great choice and now I have to add an extra $15 to the CC payment. Stoopid!

Tomorrow I am aiming for another no spend day.

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