Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheap Milk

I bought my last bottle of $1 = 1L of milk at Coles or from Woolies. I am going back to my normal buying habits. Why? Well cause this type of pricing is only going to result in either two things as far as I can see;

1. Dairy farmers will get less money than the pitiful amount they already do and
2. the stores will put prices up to ccompensate.

Actually I take that back both things will probably happen. Isn't capitalism fantastic?

In other news I have just finished recess baking for this week, we are having brownies and muesli bars. I have GOT to make banana bread tonight as the 'nanas that are left are overripe and now perfect for it.

Valentines day, hmmm. Dave has assured me that he hasn't bought me anything even a card going with our trying not to be spendy pants'. I did crack and get him a little box of Rose chocs (his all time favourites) for $3.88 and I wrote a lovely card which I printed off the internet, thank you WWW.

It's bad but I hope he did get me a card LOL! Can't please me!

1 comment:

  1. Good on you Lisa! My heart feels heavy every time I see someone pull out those milk bottles out of the fridge at the supermarket - it costs more money at time to have principles, but my heart and head hurts less :P