Friday, February 11, 2011

Extra Money

Yesterday I rang Telstra, what a joy that is - not. My phone bill is $147 in credit and I wanted to get $120 recredited to our account. I have done this twice before so I know it takes all of about 4 mins to do, however it took 3 transfers and 29 mins to get it done. Blech! But it is done and it will be credited on Monday.

Today I rang Country Energy, the lady I spoke to was lovely. I rang 'cause I hadn't recieved a bill and we are on Easypay where they average out your yearly usuage and you pay fortnightly. However when we moved in here the previous owners were really high users so we have been paying $111 per fortnight. So I rang we are in $206.95 CREDIT! Well, I got them to send me a cheque for $200 and cancel our easypay and just debit us $75 a fortnight which should still pay the bill off each quarter.

So two phone calls = $320 of our money that companies were earning interest of that we will have back very soon to put towards more bills! Hurrah! LOL!

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