Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lets visit the Garden

I haven't taken any garden pics for aaagggeeessss partly cause stuff has been ripped out and I am in planning for the next push.

These are my lettuce boxes. I planted 6 seedlings on the weekend. The bigger plant is my one remaining lettuce that I have coaxed NOT to go to seed like all the others.

One of my spinach seedling I planted about a dozen in the rain yesterday afternoon. Look at all that beautiful mulch - thank you potatoes!

Zucchini's are still going but not as prolific as they were. I am hoping they last a few weeks longer.
My capsicums are just starting to flower. I am all over trying to find recipes so I can store them for use later on.

Our latest saving idea for the kids. We have told them that we will give them 50% of what they can save up to 1 August. So if they manage to save $20 we will add $10 etc, we are hoping that the idea of such great interest will help them learn the value of saving and how to balance the spend/save equation.
Dave and I have been doing really well not spending, but there are a couple of unavoidables coming up this week, sport is $27 which is due before the 14th and something else that I can't remember. Oh well, I know its a school thing too so I will check the notes.
Today we spent nothing. I love everyday I dont spend. Here is a good example why I resent spending money - sometimes. I bought the kids uniforms as I have previously mentioned. Amelia has worn her sport shirt once and as she was putting on this morning I noticed a hole in the sleeve seam, there is a section where the overlocker hasnt caught the seam at all! That polo shirt cost us $28! Then yesterday Dave noticed that a 2 inch section of the zip on her school dress wasnt even sewn!!! Grrrr!!! And that little girls uniform cost $46, hows that for value - NOT!
And here are the kids lunch for tomorrow - mini quiches made with tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and leftover yolks from the pav. Yum!

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