Thursday, February 17, 2011

Show and Tell

We don't use paper towels, haven't done for close to 6 months now. At first it was really really hard, but we now are just used to it. We use alot of tea towels and calico squares and its worked out really well, so with delight I saw at Coles they had 10 tea towels for $5! That's only 50c each - loving that. We also don't use tissue, just hankies. I nearly wrote a letter to Amelia's school when they sent home notes with a list of things the kids needed to bring which included 2 boxes of tissues, but didn't as I hadn't wanted her teacher to think I was a freak!!!!

Here is Dad's birthday present, well half of it anyway. And that's about as much as I can show as Dad does see this blog and it's got to be a little bit of a surprise. Hence why the strategically placed ball of wool! Hee!
Paid bills this morning - that is the least funnest (new word!) thing, though putting away groceries is pretty dull too. God my life sounds exciting.

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