Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekend

Yesterday we went out to Mum and Dad's place for lunch (which was delicious) and Holy Moley, they have done SOOO much work in the yard - it looks fabulous! I wish I had taken the camera. It looks so good and so relaxing. Dad told me today that the wheat has started coming up, so that experiment is looking good too. The rockery they have done looks great and they have done it up in steps so it isn't the typical rockery. The chooks are really looking good too, they aren't timid anymore.

This is our dwarf lemon tree, it's lemons are slowly coming along, its partner has been moved out the back and put in the ground and I am hoping it will recover from it's near death experience.

This is my new burgundy tea tree, its going really well since we put it in last weekend. Apparently the colder it gets the deeper the burgundy colour gets - can't wait!

Mum suggested this one so we got two! A Murraya bush, it has white fragrant flowers and we are hoping two of them plus a plumbago will fill across the front yard.

Most of the Iris's have been transplanted here, in this part shaded section. will probably have to add some more as I find them around.

Happily the cucumbers are still producing, though it probably wont be long before them and the zucchini's will have to be pulled out.

This is where the peas will grow and flourish! I am putting them right along the back fence this year.

Amelia bought a flower punnet to replace her daisies. We moved her pot too as the crepe myrtle is blocking the sun from it's usual spot. It came in a peat pot so we don't have to get rid of the plastic pot. Its a wonder why they don't put more plants in pots like that.

Here is the new onion and garlic patch. It was the potato patch. Just giving it a couple of days to make sure that no grass pops up. I am going to throw on some manure and mulch and make it all yummy.

Yesterday I planted carrots, silverbeet, celery, radish and beetroot. Today I planted peas. I am going to plant onion, garlic and raddichio. I am pretty excited about the garden and I have to pull my finger out to get all the info on how to turn Dad and my wheat into flour! How freaking exciting is that?!

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