Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spending Money

Spending money USED to be a hobby, I USED to enjoy it. Now, not so much.

I used to be able to find something in any shop to buy and bring home with me (not that I bring home stuff that I don't pay for!) I would have a half hour before work so I'd have a browse at the newsagent and would spend $10 on a magazine, that I would take home flick through and put on my bookshelf. I now borrow my mags from the ibrary, the only exception from this is the occaisional GrassRoots mag - which I love, read cover to cover and refer back to. Or I would go Target after work everyday and see what was on special or their reduced racks and 9 times out of 10 I would find SOMETHING to buy, I would rationalise that it is a bargain - even if we didn't really need it.

This week I have bought a couple of things but in a completely different way. I needed undies so I went to Big W, walked to the underwear section, got them, paid for them and left. I got Dad's bday present (going thirds with Meg and Kate), paid and left. I am not looking around for random stuff to buy and it is good!!

Got to take the kids to the dentist tomorrow for their 6 monthly checkups but luckily I have the government Teen Dental voucher for Wes's visit so if his appointment isn't more than $159.85 we are all good and I will only have to pay for Amelia's. Thank you the Australian government!! Ha!

I am in two minds about going away for a long weekend with the kids. I really want to go away but I really dont want to spend the money. I will have 2 weeks overtime (about $600) but I COULD put that to paying off bills. Grrrr. I am going to see if I can find a less expensive compromise. I ask Dave what he thinks and he just says "as long as we can afford it". And as I am the CFO of this household thats no answer at all!

Crafty wise, I have 3 easter bookmarks to make, my red top to sew, Wesley's stitchery and Amelias sundress to do. Oh and mending. I need more hours in the day!

Bonus! Found some cheap plums so will be making plum jam tonight or tomorrow night. Yum!

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  1. I do believe that it was a liberal goverment that bought that dental payment in.(just a bit of trivia)Spend $400.00 on a long weekend and put the other $2oo in a secret stash for yourself.Good thinking!!!!!!