Saturday, April 23, 2011

List Update

So I have made the zucchini pickles, planted the garlic, pulled out the cucumber vine and zucchini plants and have made a start weeding the veg garden. Today I am hoping to make the pear chutney, finish weeding and start Wesley's stitchery. I have also got do the usual stuff like grocery shopping, washing and cleaning.

We went out to Mum and Dad's yesterday for Good Friday. It was a really nice day, we did take a load of pavers out there too. Ashford is such a nice quiet town, it just feels relaxing,

I have other little projects that I want to start - have you noticed the more you looking around blogs and I guess the Internet in general, the longer your 'must do' list gets? It's crazy! I have sewing and craft that I want to do but firstly I MUST focus on the garden so everything is good to go. Our first frost usually comes around ANZAC day so I have got to be ready soon..

Righto I am off to do some ironing - how exciting is my life? LOL!

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