Saturday, January 28, 2012

Refilling the Cupboard

Things were looking pretty grim when I went to the jams/relishes/pickles cupboard this morning. We were down to one jar of tomato relish from last years lot, 2 jars of marmalade, 1 jar of pear chutney, 1 jar of apricot jam, 2 jars of mixed berry and 4 small jars of strawberry jam. No pickles, no onion marmalade, no more beetroot (have we really eaten all of it already?) and no plum jam!! That cupboard is usually brimming with jars of yummies but through gifts and eating it has become quite sparse. Disturbing.

This afternoon I have added 7 jars of plum jam, 5 jars of tomato chutney and 4 jars of zucchini pickles. I hope to make the red onion marmalade tomorrow, I love that on everything. I will have to have a look at the grocers for some beetroot to pickle if not i will have a look at the markets next Sunday.
Do you have a cupboard full of yums? And how much do you keep on hand?


  1. Clever you Lisa! They look scrumptious. I would love to know how you make your plum jam. I have some plums I would like to dabble with... x

    1. Hi MM, I use a recipe from A Year in the Bottle by Sally Wise and it is as easy as. Put 1.5kg plums (just whole no cutting) in a pot with the juice of 1 lemon and 1 cup of water and bring to the boil, stirring now and then until the plums are broken down. Add 1.25kg of sugar bring back to the boil and stir regularly till you get to setting point. Strain to get rid of the pips and bottle.

      Plum jam is one of our favourites and tastes so much better then the shop ones I think.

  2. I only have 7 jars of yum in the fridge and none by me.

    1 jar tomato relish gift from Freecycler.
    2 jars Mango jam from my mum.
    1 jar of eggplant chutney from friend.
    1 jar of homemade mango chutney someones unwanted Xmas gift passed on to me.
    1 jar of pickled ? , another unwanted gift passed on to me.
    1 small pyrex tub of homemade butter made with full cream and salt.

    1. The mango jam sounds yum! I too get given jars throughout the year and it is always so nice to try something different. Last year I tried crabapple jelly for the first time and it was great.