Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Buy Nothing New - February

Next month (February) I will be trying to buy nothing new whatsoever. Not a thing. I can buy secondhand or barter for anything we absolutely need, though I just don't know if I am out there enough to be a serious barterer. Joining me in this is my sister Megan and my Mum. We have worked out the rules so to speak which is pretty much commonsense, no sneaking stuff into the grocery shop, yes we can still buy food and pay our bills but its the grey areas that will have to be up to each of us.

Like is going to the coffee shop for a cup buying something new? I am more of the thinking that it is as you are "buying" the experience if that makes any sense at all. Though if you had to buy a sandwich for lunch that wouldn't be. Anyway that will not be my biggest issue, mine will be the fact that the kids have gone back to school today and a lovely long list of all the things they must have will be sent home. As usual.

The other hard thing will be walking past a bargain. I work next to Target and usually have a look through for anything we need that is really reduced that we need. I have gotten Dave a pair of $50 jeans for $1.80 and tshirts for both him and Wes for less than $2 each. So walking past a good bargain will be very hard, though I suppose the answer is - just don't go in there!!!

I am hoping that this month will show me how to be more creative with working with what I have and also saving a bit of money. Wish me luck!!


  1. You can do it! I finish my Buy Nothing New for a year on Feb 1. Anything can wait a month x

    1. You are right MM! I have followed your year through your blog and it's inspiring!

  2. Clearly opting out of this one.

    Go team tho,

  3. Kel - give it a go even for two or three days! It is fun - op shop til your hearts content!