Saturday, January 28, 2012

In the Garden

The garden is looking good and we are getting some good produce out of it but now I wish I had planted more. We have an abundant supply of zucchini (no surprises there), tomatoes, squash, basil and lettuce. We are still eating our own carrots, beetroot, garlic and onions too.
Four days away from home and a you get a monster zuc!
However there have been a couple of failures too. I have only had 2 cucumbers off my plant! Last year I planted Richmond River Apple and they were prolific this year I planted a different variety and it has done nothing. I'm not sure whether it is the spot I planted it or what.
The other not so great grower has been my nugget pumpkin bush which was going to be my compromise in not having a full patch this year. It has grown flowers and looks healthy but nothing has happened. The flowers must not be pollinating. I thought their lack of growth was due to all the rain we had but now I am not sure. Gardening is a learning experience!
I picked the first of my beans yesterday and still have more to come but I am really happy with how that experiment came out and can't wait to make a casserole to put my beans in!! If i had more space I think I would definatel plant more and I think I may even be able to do that if I fiddle with the garden space a bit more. I will definately try different types next year.
Aren't the beans pretty?
I am planning my Autumn planting now, I want to have a really great productive garden this winter, so it is all in the preparing and planning!!! Cross fingers!


  1. Holy Zuccy!

    Lis, I was in Melbourne for a girls weekend two weekends ago, and when I returned, Luke had made an above ground herb garden loaded with herbs. Very excited, the weather has been terrible but its exciting watching them grow!

    Garden envy!

  2. Go Lukey!!! What a prince! I want to extend my herbs this year and make a really fragrant area, where you brush by and the smell just hits you - you know??