Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Pets

Santa gave Amelia two guinea pigs for Christmas! So Sparkles and Glitter have joined our crew. They are small and are still getting used to us but they are very very cute!With some of his Christmas money Wes bought himself an aquarium. There are three goldfish now in residence. Their names are Steve, Bob and Jimmy - yes we are assuming they are all blokes.
Happy New Year to everyone!! I have to admit we didn't see the year in at all, fast asleep in bed! Last of the party animals we are not!!!
Dave and I have set down some goals for this year that mainly focus on health and fiscal matters, both I know I will come to love and hate in equal measures. I am really hoping to plan my vegie garden more so that it will evolve into the "dream" garden that I have in my head. We also want to do some housey stuff like fix the laserlite for the deck, a front fence and maybe have an awning over the front porch.
Mostly I am hoping for a happy, healthy and safe 2012!

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