Thursday, January 5, 2012

Garden, Cooking, Making

Here is Amelia's sewing machine, isn't it too cute? It works well too.
This material will be turned into some purses. I love the pattern. The red colour is more a cranberry colour and is gorgeous.
More zucchini and squash. I haven't got sick of it yet! Going to do a stuffed zuc come the weekend, should make a really nice lunch.
Grapes - somehow the birds have not gotten to them yet!!
Bertolli beans, this is the first time I have grown beans to dry and store. I am hoping it will be a good trial and one I may be able to expand on next year.
Wes made this self saucing pudding. Oh yum!! Saturday morning he is planning to make breakfast - Baked tomato with an egg inside, sounds good hey?
Oh thank heavens I can hear rain!!! The first rain of 2012.

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