Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hospital and Holidays!

January has been very eventful in this household so far, not in all good ways either.
I had a three day stay in hospital in the middle of the month due to an inflammed gall bladder which will now have to come out sometime in the next few months. The pain was really awful and not something I want to repeat so I am on a no fat diet so my gall bladder doesn't have to work too hard. On the good side I had just started Weight Watchers so that fits in well with the eating plan - got to find a bright side!
Thankfully I got to spend some of my daughter's 7th Birthday at home with her after being released in the evening. She had her birthday on the Saturday at the locat RSM club which you paid per child and everything was done for you. I wouldn't do that again as I think I could do just as well for a lot less money but it turned out to be a blessing as I was in no shape to host a birthday party for 10 girls.
Then we headed off on holidays to Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid north coast. It was relaxing and fun but it rained the WHOLE time one day we had over 100 mm!! It started raining about 90 mins after leaving home and stopped when we were about 60kms away from home on the way back. AND its raining here now.
View from our balconey
We did get to have fun though. We went to the Pet Porpoise Pool, Solitary Islands aquarium, ice skating at the Big Banana, bowling and luckily the place we were staying had an indoor pool and games rooms so we took full advantage of that too. We did miss out on a few outdoor activities I had had planned but you got to work with what you got.
Sadly we all have to go back to work or school on Monday. Holidays just aren't long enough are they?


  1. Oh No Lisa!
    Im sure the family would have been looking after you.
    What type of Cholecystitis was it? Acute or Chronic? And any gallstones?

    I can send you some information on gall bladder friendly eating plans if you like,

    Love ya,

  2. Please do Kel! Yes there where gall stones I have the ultrasound pictures. I think it is acute but I am hoping the surgeon will give me some options.

  3. Ok,with the clean eating (no eating any of those jams or relishes either!!) you will go through some pretty intense days of feeling ill and headachy, this will be due the mobility of toxins and muck in your cells. This is a good thing and keep hydrated through it. Its called the "Dial-off". Luke and I are on (just finished our 2nd week) a extremely strict diet. All white meat, minimal steak and veg. Nuts allowed minimally, and fruit every other day.No diary, carbs, white carbs, alcohol, choc. Long story short, but we both have a bacteria in our gut from FIJI that has made itself very comfy in our gut and we were both starting to have symptoms. Left unfixed can lead to food intolerences, leaky gut ext. We got onto it very early, and our naturapath has put us on this diet, the first week we both went through the dial off, however this week has been much easier. Its actually been one of the best things I have ever done!!!. We are going about it the hippy way- pretty sure you could jump on a bunch of antibiotics however we also wanted to keep our good bacteria intact, plus its been a great practical learnign experience for me with UNI.
    So yeah, have been very creative in the kitchen!!!
    So goodluck!!!
    Just remember, gravings only last approx 15mins MAX!!

  4. p.p.s we have 4 weeks to go!!! Im waiting for my mirander Kerr body to show up! I had a week off excersise this week (sliced open the bottom of my foot in the shower and fainted!!), so interested to see how I go with my fitness schedule also!!!