Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 To Do List

After some debate here is the 2012 to do list. If not everything gets done so be it but we will try our very best.

1. Become more healthy.
2.Eat out of the garden more.
3. Financially our priority 1 is our mortgage, getting it down as much as possible.
4. Replace laserlite on the deck.
5. Get a few quotes to get the house painted next summer.
6. Get a few quotes for a front fence.
7. Get the kids more involved in chores, gardening, cooking, activity etc.
8. Get the parents more involved in chores, gardening, cooking, activity etc.
9. Have more fun.
10. Buy no birthday cards this year.

What do you think? They are a bit all over the place but this is what we came up with. There are of course a few personal goal such as both Dave and I wanting to lose weight, Dave wants to go for his 2nd Dan and I want to get my P's etc but we are happy for those above to be householdy ones.

I was going to put be more organinsed but my Mum is kind of doing that for me. Everyday she sends me and two of my sisters one job to do around the house. It's easy when its only one job.

What is on your "to do" list?


  1. I think that is a great list and have great faith in you achieving it!

  2. Sounds do-able! It will be fun to see what comes about...and what gets added to that list!

  3. Ladies I am hoping that it will all come together. I have a little wish list too that I am hoping to tick a couple things off it!