Sunday, January 30, 2011


We all went for a bike ride/walk this morning. Both the kids needed a little more air in their tires so we went to the petrol station past McDonalds to do that. Afterwards I got the kids a cone each ($1). Dave and I didn't have anything - aren't we good?

Now I wouldn't want to accuse supermarkets of profiteering out of the recent floods in QLD but.... I went in there to get some apples (Amelia starts school tomorrow) and they were $7.99 a kg. Last Wednesday I bought apples from a fruit and veg guy for $4 a kg. Can you imagine the buying power of a supermarket vs an independent guy? The supermarkets also usually have deals where they buy directly from the growers cutting out having to buy from a third party e.g Brisbane markets. I will add that the strawberries were $3.99 a punnet and looked off.
It is the same with meat. Growers have to pay the big supermarkets ti certify their cattle so they can sell it to them! How many bites of the cherry do they want! Outrageous!

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