Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day! You got to love a public holiday in the middle of the week! As Dave and I both work for government we both get the day off. We had planned with Mum and Dad for a BBQ (how Australian!) at their place. It was soooo hot today it is lucky we didnt barbecue on the cement! I made a pavlova (Very Australian!) case to take. They were $7 at Coles and I had all the ingrediants in the cupboard and I have to say mine was delicious, everyone asked for seconds. I also made a damper (Strewth Cobber!) to go with lunch. Mum made a yummy pasta salad and had homegrown tomato and cucumber on the table.

This is Mum and Dad in their kitchen. They bought a new pantry this week and we brought it out on the trailer today. The house is looking like their home now and they are settling in well.

Here is the dining room, we had all just finished cuppas and Dad and I were nutting out what seeds we are thinking about and looking at the seed catalogue for what variaties were interesting us.

Dad's chook shed. It's really starting to take shape and doesnt look like that there is much to go on it. I took Dad out a couple of empty egg cartons just to let him know my intentions!

Mum and Dads backyard. This is taken looking down from the chook Hilton.

Front of the house. There are two pine trees on either side of the front steps and they haven't got long to live. Poor things are as ugly as sin too.

Someone was tired on the way home , had a little kip for 15 minutes or so. Sunglasses on of course.

On the way home.

With just a week or so of not much rain our green is starting to brown off already.

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